I approach my relationship with work differently.

I never want to come across as someone who thinks everyone should do things the way I do, because truthfully, you shouldn’t — I want to encourage you to find your own way.

I’m not here to provide hot takes or position myself as more enlightened than my neighbour, I’m just here to tell you my story in hopes that it resonates with you and inspires you to consider the way you move through your day as an entrepreneur.


Ideas we live by

What you see is what you get, and we like to get personal pretty quickly. We view the opportunity to look at our client's desires and shortcomings with a whole heart and an open hand. We assume a posture of grace and make space for questions and vulnerability by practicing courage over comfort first. 

We analyze and determine the obstacles and the objectives before outlining the path forward. We create efficient processes catered to each job's unique context. There are no cookie-cutter answers, just good questions that encourage organic solutions.

We believe in intentional design, good practices, and creativity while thoughtfully bending the rules.

We take on only what we align with and what we are capable of today. We push back against the scarcity mindset that often comes when you are solely responsible for running a business. As a result, we prioritize a 1:1 client focus and a slow process.

We look at every deliverable, whether visual, written, or systematic, as an efficient tool and an opportunity for genuine connection.

We see the body as a subject (the place we exist in and engage with the world), not as an object (a tool that we can wield and control as we please).  
We listen to our natural rhythms. 

We subscribe to a three-stage day that fluctuates and cycles us through a daily flow of peak, trough, and recovery. We're proponents of the restorative pause and protect the energy management of this cycle.

Our marketing strategy is uncomplicated. We engage with our audience in small and intentional interactions on and offline. In contrast, numbers (follows, likes, views) are not the metrics we use to determine our success or a path we chase after future clients. 

Resistance calls us to question everything we do and to look even deeper to find the answer to our "why?" Fear of rejection does not paralyze us – instead, it drives us to present only our best ideas.

Aware that imposter syndrome always lurks in the shadows, we recognize our limitations without reinforcing limiting beliefs. We know our strengths and do our best to practice those muscles daily. We know when to ask for help, and we constantly challenge ourselves to take part in continual learning. 

All of my clients have the same goal in mind – to live a balanced life where both work and rest are possible.

who we work well with

The design world isn’t new to me; the rise and grind, the hustle and bustle, the stress and sometimes chaos are all things I’m familiar with.

But in all my years of doing this and through my unique life experiences I started to ask myself, “does it have to be this way? Will I only be successful if I drive myself to the point of burnout?’

After taking a step back and allowing myself to enjoy some of the simple things in life, I realized that it’s in these intentional moments of rest, that creativity is born.

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But in all my years of doing this and through my unique life experiences I started to ask myself, “does it have to be this way? Will I only be successful if I drive myself to the point of burnout?’


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