At Goodwell, we don’t just want to produce pretty brands (although, we can definitely do that too).
We want to solve your problems by using strategy-driven design to get you where you want to be in your business.
We help you figure out your goals and focus on where you want to go with your brand in the future.

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I once read that "YOUR BUSINESS IS THE BODY,

Hi friends, I’m Jules, the owner of Goodwell Studio. I am a skilled thinker and maker, a dreamer and visionary, and when it comes to design–a compassionate guide and a passionate risk taker.

I’m known best for my strategic thinking, detailed illustrations, and ability to see your brand from a broader perspective in order to bring it to life. I started my business so that I could have the freedom to take a more balanced approach to my relationship with work and spend more time working with the people that I love. My passion is helping other business owners create brands and websites that help them to do the same. Goodwell Studio offers strategic creative direction and a thoughtful approach to design for mindful entrepreneurs, like you.

At Goodwell, we believe that building stronger, more robust brands starts with brand strategy. We achieve this by partnering and dreaming with our clients to create strategic branding, websites, and systems that help them reach their idea audience and maintain their brand in a balanced and thoughtful way.

Jules Koblun


COFFEE first. 
Morning commute with Saily around the block.

morning routine:

for fun:

When I'm not working there's a 90% chance you'll find me outside somewhere.
Summer or winter, the outdoors is where I need to be to recharge and reinspire. 

Trusty studio pup, Sailor.
You'll be seeing a lot of her if you choose to follow us on Instagram. 


simple joys:

A walk in the park, anywhere near the water, fresh mangos for breakfast.


Production by Particle Film Co.

– Brand identity design and overall brand strategy.
– Supporting your brand with custom illustration.
– Packaging and print design for product.
– Custom web design with Show it or Squarespace and Shopify integration.
– Creating cohesive visual styles for brand, web, production etc.
– Initiating & learning new business ideas that allow for work life balance
– What I'm most passionate about is equipping business owners with confidence by preparing them with the tools and strategies they need to sustain and maintain their brand and move their business forward.

– One off design projects and quick fixes.
– Just your logo without thinking about the overall design of your brand.
– Web platforms that are not easy for you or I to maintain.

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What I'm Skilled & Passionate About:

what i'm not really interested in:

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