Lindsay Bishop

The Lindsay Bishop brand exists to normalize the process of money borrowing and lending in a way that meets clients where they are and that strives to foster honest and genuine human connection while providing creative solutions in a compassionate environment.


Brand Strategy, visual development + Website + Communication & engagement Stategy

Brand overview

When Lindsay reached out about a rebrand, she expressed fatigue around her inconsistent branding and lack of direction – particularly around showing up online. She didn’t feel that her parent company accurately represented her tone or approach, so she had difficulty showing up confidently in a way that felt authentic.

One thing I learned quickly about Lindsay was that she was not interested in showing up in a scripted way. To be honest, that approach provides a quick and dirty solution in the short term but it’s a huge waste of time and energy and not a great long term strategy to connect with your people. Naturally, we found ourselves in alignment.

She was ready to step things up to represent herself better and present her extensive knowledge and compassionate approach to money lending and borrowing to her audience online.

Together we created a brand with a visual and written expression that feels and sounds like Lindsay. We were able to create effective tools for her to use to point clients towards for frequently asked questions as well as resources for first time clients preparing for the mortgage process. Throughout our time together we crafted an organic marketing strategy that spoke directly to Lindsay's audience, resulting in more leads and a fully booked out schedule for Lindsay.

What we achieved together

Brand Personality

Professional but fun.
Realistic but creative.
Knowledgeable but not pretentious.
An advocate but not superior.
Accessible but not unbalanced.
Compassionate but not disingenuous.
Profitable but generous.



Brand Strategy
Refined Messaging
Systems + Tools for Day-to-Day Business
Full Logo Suite + Visual Identity
Branded Photography
Website Design + Development
Branded Templates + Guides
Print Design
Online Engagement & Organic Marketing Strategy

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First, we got to know Lindsay, and what her superpowers were; while there are many, the one that rises to the top is her incredible knowledge and ability to translate this in a very down-to-earth way.

Second, we got to know her audience. What did they really need? What did they really want? What were their fears? Their hesitations? And how could we use this to provide the most compassionate and service-first presence?

We discovered that most of Lindsay’s clients were buyers all across the board, each with unique financial circumstances requiring unique support. The one thing that united this group was that they are folks who value working alongside someone who is quick and easy to deal with because time is precious and are really looking for someone who is willing to walk them through every step of the process to help them be competitive in the market.

Brand Strategy & Organic Marketing

Let me show you how we used Lindsay's brand strategy to SET THE STAGE FOR MORE conversions 

Desires & Hesitations

They wanted to be able to build a home and fill it with memories without feeling the constant weight of whether or not this is a good financial decision. They’re hesitant to make big moves because of the lack of clarity and the quick pace of the real estate industry - often feeling immense pressure to make big financial decisions in a short period of time.

How this information impacts copy on Lindsay’s website:

She’s going to show them exactly what kind of person she is, that she sees and understands them by creating relevant content answering burning questions, providing clear and kind expectations, and above all using language that everyone can *ACTUALLY* understand.

Not only was Lindsay BOOKED SOLID after working together, here’s some of the feedback she has received; →

“Lindsay is incredible! Her customer service is amazing, we had lots of questions and she always took the time over email or phone to explain things in a reassuring way that was easy to understand.”

“Having Lindsay’s expertise, guidance and knowledge is like working with mortgage magician. Not only is she kind and caring, her experience and knowledge is untouchable!”

Where do I even begin with Jules at Goodwell Studio?! From the moment I met her, I knew we'd be the perfect fit. I was drawn to her own social media outlook and her work-life balance she valued. She's kind, thoughtful, understanding, quick, very much creative and really took the time to understand me and what I was trying to achieve.

The process was easy from start to finish. She helped me deep dive into the "why" of my business and tackle all the nitty gritty details without it seeming like too much work on my part. Everything was broken into bite-sized parts for me to chip away at the branding one step at a time. I can be quite the procrastinator with this type of stuff and she was always there nudging me along in a gentle way, knowing that I'd be happy with the result once everything was complete.

I felt very supported and understood from the very beginning and I think it really shows with what she was able to nail down and create on my behalf. I'm VERY proud to share what was created with Jules at Goodwell Studio and if you're looking for help with your brand - LOOK. NO. FURTHER! :) Thanks again Jules!

Kind Words

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