"Lovely experience with Jules! I was very happy with her attention to all the details of my needs, and the thorough job she did from start to finish."

- Jessie V., Tranquillo

"Where do I even begin!? From the moment I met Jules, I knew we'd be the perfect fit. I was drawn to her own social media outlook and her work-life balance she valued.
She's kind, thoughtful, understanding,
quick, very much creative and really took the time to understand me and what I was trying to achieve."

- Lindsay B., lindsaybishop.ca

"I had an amazing experience working with Goodwell Studio! Jules had so many great ideas and vision – I had no idea where to start on my own.

She knows how to take the most simple things and make them meaningful, beautiful and unique!"

- Katie P., The Goat Bar

All of our clients have this in common:

sound like you?

Holistic approach to services and client relationships

Recognize that time is precious and don’t want to spend it chained to their desk.

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Deep and personal conviction in helping others and supporting others through big moments of their lives

Empathy, stemming from personal experience and stories, genuine and intentional

Good boundaries, or the desire for a healthy relationship with work and rest