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The entrepreneurial life can be tough, we know first hand how it can be a chaotic and overwhelming experience ... but it doesn't need to be. 

We’re here to guide you along the way so that you can breathe easy when the sun is up and sleep well when the sun goes down.

You don’t need to figure this out alone. Our strategy-based brand and web design will give you the direction you’re looking for, catapulting you into creating a fully realized and confident brand.

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Welcome to our corner of the internet where we celebrate the sensitivity and intentionality of your brand’s personality, where we share in compassion and curiosity, viewing the opportunity to look at our client’s desires and shortcomings with a whole heart and an open hand, and where we believe that building a brand that looks and feels true to you doesn’t have to be complicated.

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Your website built for you in just 30 days using one of my custom ShowIt templates and following a clear and supportive process. 

Ideal for young conscious businesses looking to establish a solid and supportive online presence from day one, while building their community and finding their feet. 

semi-custom design

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The convenience of a template site with all the impact of a custom site.

The perfect addition to our custom experience; providing you the directional support you need in order to bring your new brand to market and to continue nurturing relationships.

Organic marketing support


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Post-project support to bring
your new brand to market.



Pairing your unique vision with a strategic & intentional approach to build a one-of-a-kind ShowIt website that transcends aesthetics. A custom design that truly feels like home, for you and your audience, and that supports the most empowered version of your business.

Ideal choice for mature conscious businesses (2 years+) or if you require specific website features to achieve your goals. 


All the benefits of agency level expertise with the undivided attention of a small studio.

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Strategy-based design       mindful entrepreneurs.





Strategy-based design        mindful entrepreneurs.



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hi, im jules!
I create & communicate
for a living.

Having been through the whirlwind of entrepreneurship during my time running this studio, I intimately understand the challenges it can bring. My background as an art director in an agency setting has also allowed me to collaborate with several entrepreneurs. Overseeing projects from start to finish with my team, providing comprehensive services, and tackling large-scale projects at a rapid-fire pace. 

There is certainly a time and place for this level of execution; as a small-to-mid-sized business trying to make its way to the next level, that might not be what you need (or can invest in at this stage).

I grew so much as a designer and creative professional in this environment, but it also resulted in serious sacrifices for my health and well-being. And while I’ve taken my agency-level experience with me, I’ve left that environment of divided attention, tight deadlines, diminished creative energy and employee burnout behind.

Goodwell launched as an alternative option to this fast-paced culture, prioritizing intentionality and one-on-one focused attention, only taking on projects that match our capacity and allowing us to deliver exceptional work without sacrificing our passion or collective well-being.

I’m coming to the table with years of agency experience and a desire to do things a little differently with this small studio. 

Strategy-based design        mindful entrepreneurs.





Strategy-based design        mindful entrepreneurs.



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Kate watkinson

custom brand & website


custom brand

Lindsay bishop

custom brand, website, & marketing 

The wellness hub

marketing support

free resource

Is your website working as hard as it could be?

So many service providers I come into contact with are burning themselves out, bending over backwards to get folks to buy into their services and purchase their products, all while totally ghosting their 24/7 passive salesman (their website).

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If this is you, that’s okay, I see you and to be perfectly honest... I’ve been there. This resource will walk you through all of the things you need to consider to have an optimized website that is working to it’s full potential!

Custom Design

Custom Brand 


Tranquillo is a wellness centre focused on building physical and mental resilience as a community; because accountability and connection are exactly what you need after a long day grinding out the 9-5. 

Intentionally designed from start to finish; strategy to launch and beyond.

tranquillo • community wellbeing

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Custom Design

Custom Brand, ShowIt Website, & Marketing Support


The Lindsay Bishop brand exists to normalize the process of money borrowing and lending in a way that meets clients where they are and that strives to foster honest and genuine human connection while providing creative solutions in a compassionate environment.

Intentionally designed from start to finish; strategy to launch and beyond.


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semi-custom site series

Semi-Custom Website 

View the Live Demo

The Interior Design Co. site is the perfect partner for building your online presence and connecting with your dream home owner clientele with ease. The bold and minimal website design, crafted with intention and strategy is big on visual story telling, allowing your client feedback and visual portfolio to speak for itself. Ideal for creatives and any businesses that require portfolio-based marketing.

Meet Interior Design Co.

Cool huh?

Claim this semi-custom site before someone else does!

Intentionally designed for the creative service entrepreneurs with portfolio-based work.

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not to pump        own tires or anything,        there's a reason why we have a          satisfaction rate ...

- Lindsay, Lindsay Bishop Mortgages

- Dylan, Milko LC

- Devyn, The Wellness Hub

- Kate Watkinson, katewatkinsonphotographs.com

- Rachel, Boardwalk Sales

- Jessie, Tranquillo, Wellness Studio

“Where do I even begin!? From the moment I met Jules, I knew we'd be the perfect fit. I was drawn to her own social media outlook and her work-life balance she valued.
She's kind, thoughtful, understanding, 
quick, very much creative and really took the time to understand me and what I was trying to achieve.”

“Jules made every effort to truly understand my passion for the work that I do and my vision for my business.

In just a few meetings, Jules was able to translate my vision into a verbal and visual brand expression that perfectly encapsulated everything I was hoping to convey to my clients..”

“Highly recommend Jules at Goodwell Studio.

She was very thorough, grasped our vision, adapted to our needs and delivered the content on time!”

“I cannot express my thanks to Goodwell Studio enough! I came to know Goodwell Studio from a fellow creative and friend. As soon as I started following Goodwell’s work I was hooked! I kept finding myself going back to their website, viewing their beautiful projects and kept dreaming of rebranding my business with them. I made the decision to hire Goodwell Studio very shortly after that and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business.”

“Jules the founder of Goodwell Studio was fantastic to work with. She was excellent at understanding our business and what we wanted/needed from her in order present our website properly to our customers.

If anything needed to be adjusted she was very quick and precise to make any adjustments. I would most definitely recommend her to others and would use her expertise again.”

“Lovely experience with Jules!

I was very happy with her attention to all the details of my needs, and the thorough job she did from start to finish..”

Kind Words

Kind Words

Kind Words

Kind Words

Kind Words

Kind Words

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