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Intentionally designed for the service-based coaching or consulting businesses.

The Business Coach site is the perfect partner for building your online presence and connecting with your dream entrepreneur clientele with ease. The soft feminine website design, crafted with intention and strategy, boasts a clean and minimal aesthetic that is ideal for creatives, coaches, wellness practitioners, and any businesses that offer program based services.

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Strategy is always our top priority. We're always aiming to create designs that are not only visually compelling but functional sales tools for your business. We believe in order to have your site working as a functional sales tool it requires knowing your audience and their needs intimately. That's why we approach every single project with you and your audience in mind.

Semi-custom sites are built off of a pre-developed framework and tailored to your specific brand. Although we do not do a full strategy workshop together in semi-custom, we've created these semi-custom templates with very specific service provider in mind. We've done the research ahead of time and have experience working with very similar businesses within those industries specifically. We're relying not only on our years of industry knowledge but also on a carefully crafted process where we are able to excavate any missing pieces and apply them to your specific business strategy.

Each semi-custom site has been crafted and built following the same process as all of our from-scratch custom projects; prioritizing research, strategy, objectives within your niche and creativity to create a unique and well-thought-out experience online.We value allowing your brand to uniquely shine, so with that in mind, our semi-custom sites are not available to just anyone who wants them – they are one-offs, only to be sold to one business. If you purchase the site, it's yours and only yours. So you can rest assured that this design is as unique as you are.

01. What's the difference between a semi-custom and a custom design?

Let's clear up a few things first. This is not another template site. We know that when you choose a template site, you're going off of visual preference and not necessarily considering all the back-end strategy .. and that's okay because that's not your job, its ours!

We also know that when you choose a template site you're left to customize it to your brand and often get lost in all the fine details and maybe even realize you're in over your head call it quits (it happens) ... and that's okay, because we are not going to make you endure that. On the contrary, we're determined to set you up for success!

Our semi-custom sites are intentionally made with very specific service providers in mind, which allows us to create sites that are backed by strategy right off the hop! 🐰

We'll use this existing framework as a jumping point to customize it to your unique brand identity and with messaging specific to your unique audience.

02. How is a semi-custom site different than a template site? 

Client Feedback

Sign-off on visual layout application

Sign-off on copy

Apply Basic SEO + Formatting

Any Final Revisions or tweaks

Present Final Web Wireframe + Visual Layout Changes for Approval

Transfer Site ownership + connect URL

Launch graphics & any training necessary

03. What's the process like for a semi-custom site?

A thirty minute Warm Up Sesh (call)

Choose the functionality you require

Choose the layout that speaks to you, we  will then customize the colours/fonts to match your brand (between the 3 unique layouts available for this series) and book your start date

A brand questionnaire and copywriting prompt form will be sent and completed 1 week before our project start date

All brand assets must be sent 1 week before project start date

Collect all brand data and assets

Approve layout and theme (fonts/colours)

Create and approve how brand elements as translated to web (fonts, colours) etc.

Upload all Assets to the Site

Build and Apply Copy

Client Approval/Feedback EOW






Week THREE +

Week Zero







Week one

Week TWO









Short answer, no. Here's why; the semi-custom site solution is ideal for young businesses looking to establish a solid and supportive online presence from day one.  We recognize that young businesses, while understanding the value of professional branding, may not always have the same kind of resources readily available as established brands to invest in a fully custom solution (we know because we've been there, and because we've encountered this with prospective clients in the past!) That's why we created this series, to support you in your growing years and to give you a solid foundation with all the basics to get you started.

But because our semi-custom site designs require that you come to the experience with basic branding already, we recognize that may be another gap that we are more than happy to fill for your young brand, allowing you to start off on the right foot with all the basics of a strong, visually cohesive brand at a price point that matches where you are in your journey.

04. Can I purchase Lite Branding on it's own outside of the semi-custom site package?

You will receive 2 concept options with the opportunity to provide 1 round of feedback


You will be asked to provide any feedback by the EOD Thursday

A revision period if necessary with revisions sent EOD, feedback required first thing Monday morning.

The following Monday EOD:
A wrapped and ready-to-go brand complete with guidelines and final files exported in all the appropriate formats.

05. What's the process like for lite branding?

To Start

Reserve your Lite Brand.
Book a start date.
Schedule a quick 30 min warm up call.
Complete a brand questionnaire 1 week before our project start date.
A Quick Overview of Project Week:

I look over our questionnaire and start to gather inspiration and do competitor research 

Concept Development Day

Of course! We welcome it! We do acknowledge that this is an additional expense to hire a brand photographer and we have a few we'd love to recommend to you. If you choose not to work with a brand photographer, we do recommend a few things to be done at least semi-professionally if you can (headshots, team shots, if you have office/clinical space you'd like to show) On-brand imagery and brand photography fosters a sense of trust and connection with your audience so we will always recommend using this type of imagery where you can but there are plenty of ways we can use a well curated stock imagery library to fill in the gaps.

06. Can I still hire a brand photographer for on-brand imagery even though we're doing a semi-custom experience?

These templates are built on Showit — a powerful drag and drop website builder that we've been using for almost of our studio's site designs. A ShowIt subscription is required to use our templates, which includes hosting for both your site and blog, use of the software to customize and manage your site, and tech support along the way. We love using ShowIt for its creative freedom and flexibility as well as it's live tech support chat team who are available to help you if any issues arise while you're making small updates to the site after our work together. A great perk in my opinion!

07.  what platform are these templates for?

Yes! All of our sites are created pre-optimized not only in their user flow but also with SEO in mind. We sprinkle in keywords as organically and as often as we can to ensure Google loves your site as much as we do, the website platform we use, ShowIt, has powerful, built-in SEO tools on the ready to help you rank. Maintaining excellent SEO requires more than just a one-time task however, in order be on Google's radar, it needs to know you're continuing to serve up useful information to your audience, that's why we highly recommend utilizing your blog. More on that here.

We even made a little freebie to help you determine whether or not your current site is working as hard as it could be. Check it out here!

08. Is this site going to be good for my SEO?




not to pump        own tires or anything,        there's a reason why we have a          satisfaction rate ...

- Lindsay, Lindsay Bishop Mortgages

- Dylan, Milko LC

- Devyn, The Wellness Hub

- Kate Watkinson,

- Rachel, Boardwalk Sales

- Jessie, Tranquillo, Wellness Studio

“Where do I even begin!? From the moment I met Jules, I knew we'd be the perfect fit. I was drawn to her own social media outlook and her work-life balance she valued.
She's kind, thoughtful, understanding, 
quick, very much creative and really took the time to understand me and what I was trying to achieve.”

“Jules made every effort to truly understand my passion for the work that I do and my vision for my business.

In just a few meetings, Jules was able to translate my vision into a verbal and visual brand expression that perfectly encapsulated everything I was hoping to convey to my clients..”

“Highly recommend Jules at Goodwell Studio.

She was very thorough, grasped our vision, adapted to our needs and delivered the content on time!”

“I cannot express my thanks to Goodwell Studio enough! I came to know Goodwell Studio from a fellow creative and friend. As soon as I started following Goodwell’s work I was hooked! I kept finding myself going back to their website, viewing their beautiful projects and kept dreaming of rebranding my business with them. I made the decision to hire Goodwell Studio very shortly after that and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business.”

“Jules the founder of Goodwell Studio was fantastic to work with. She was excellent at understanding our business and what we wanted/needed from her in order present our website properly to our customers.

If anything needed to be adjusted she was very quick and precise to make any adjustments. I would most definitely recommend her to others and would use her expertise again.”

“Lovely experience with Jules!

I was very happy with her attention to all the details of my needs, and the thorough job she did from start to finish..”

Kind Words

Kind Words

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