Brand design goes hand-in-hand with brand strategy. We take all that data we collected during our strategy sessions and create an entire visual identity to represent it. This includes logos, fonts, color palettes, illustrations, patterns, and brand photography to name a few. 

This is where your strategy sessions come into play to help us carefully craft the way that you communicate your brand and clearly engage with your ideal audience. This can be demonstrated through print material, social media, and is absolutely necessary for your website. 

This is for designs that are created to be tangible. Our knowledgeable printing experience can help take your marketing materials and product packaging off screen and into your hands.  

Strategy is the main course around here, we can't build you a fully thought out brand without it. In our sessions we look at who you serve, who you want to serve, and the steps you need to take to work with the people you love.

We love to continue working with our clients to keep their brand assets fresh, design new materials and continue to dream with people we know and love.
We also want to make sure you know what you're doing when we hand off the final files of your brand. We'll take the time to properly teach and show you how to implement your new assets!

Where it all comes together. Your strategy, design and copy all live online and can become one of your greatest selling tools. Let us help by bringing all of the pieces together in one cohesive, memorable space.


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 The Brand Process



03  ONE concept

04  review + refine


Every project starts with an intro call. Side note: we do this before you pay a cent, we want to make sure we'll be a great fit for each other. We want to hear what you are excited about, where you see it going and how we can help you get there. 

Before we even draw a line, we dive into strategy. Why? Because we're not here to just give you a brand that looks good, but a design that actually works. That's why we start with research: we've built an extensive workbook that will help us identify where you fit, your ideal audience, identify your competitors, etc. From there we take all that data to create a smart and strategic plan for your brand moving forward.

No matter what project we work on together, we take a “one concept” approach. If we've done our first steps correctly together, we should have everything we need to explore a variety of directions then narrow down as we go in order to deliver the best, most succinct solution for your brand. Whatever we do is to help you reach your best clients.

At the end of the day, these are your ideas that we're bringing to life. We want you to feel as much ownership over them as we do so we'll review and refine to make sure we've created the best version, together.  

We never want to just deliver something and leave you hanging. We'll make sure you have the knowledge on how to maintain your brand moving forward and help you brainstorm ideas for how to launch your new business. We just built something awesome together, let's see it through!

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It’s not just professional though, it's personal too. A well-built brand provides confidence, builds trust, and sets you up to have a lasting, successful business. 

We're honestly not looking for clients to make us rich. We’re looking to partner with people who love what they do: companies who are ready to light their fire, who have a case of healthy ambition, with big passion and vision for the future.

We create custom quotes for every client and would never want you to pay for something you don’t need or be left without something that you do need to be successful.  That's why we have a conversation with you first to discover the objectives for the project and the problems you need us to solve and create a quote and project scope perfectly fit to your needs.

Depending on the scope of the project, most of our clients invest anywhere between $2-10K, though there are outliers on both sides. With a well-built brand there is great potential for you to see a return on investment within six to twelve months. 

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WE understand that Branding is a significant professional investment



"I contacted Jules to help me rebrand my small fashion business. She was professional from the get-go; she provided clear pricing and a detailed discovery session where she was able to get an accurate read on my style and target market.
 She met all deadlines, and most importantly, I was thrilled with the final product.
The brand guide she created is spot on, and I have received a very positive response from customers.
I highly recommend her, and will absolutely be using her services again should the need arise."

Meghan; Frances Parsons

"We love working with Goodwell Studio. Jules is always ready and available to help us with all aspects of our business - whether it be marketing techniques, branding, website design, or social media presence. Our business is our passion, and we trust Jules and her professional opinion. She is current, knowledgeable and talented!"

brent & Meika; angus creek farms

"When I say that Jules is incredible, I truly mean it. I worked with her on a project for my Etsy shop and she truly blew me away. I had followed her on Instagram for a while and was amazed by her illustrations. We worked together on a design which I turned into a print and tote bag, photo attached. I literally had no edits for her because it was just PERFECT.
She is incredible, responsive, kind, etc etc etc."

monica; snapturethis

"We chose to work with Goodwell because after reviewing her work on her website and meeting with her to discuss our needs we realized we are very like-minded both creatively and in our approach to business. Not only are they great to work with but they are insanely talented not just on a design level but also getting to the heart of what you do and why you do it. We really valued our time with Goodwell going through their process in order to get to the heart of who we are as a brand."

Greg; Particle Film Co.

"I had an amazing experience working with Goodwell Studio!
Jules had so many great ideas and vision – I had no idea where to start on my own.
She knows how to take the most simple things and make them meaningful, beautiful and unique!"

Katie; the goat bar

"I've been waiting years to make this huge transition and I literally wouldn't have been able to do this without Jules. I'm so glad we were able to work together. There's no one else I'd rather have working on this project than her! She's taken all my messy thoughts and ideas and have put them into words that I've been wanting to communicate for so long. She created a brand that feels so much like myself and what I ACTUALLY want to offer. Everything feels so clean, cohesive, beautiful, inspiring, and exciting!"

Kate; Kate Watkinson Photographs

"Jules the founder of Goodwell Studio was fantastic to work with. She was excellent at understanding our business and what we wanted/needed from her in order present our website properly to our customers. If anything needed to be adjusted she was very quick and precise to make any adjustments. I would most definitely recommend her to others and would use her expertise again."

Rachel Buiks; Boardwalk Sales

"Goodwell Studio came highly recommended to us. We came asking for a brand refresh and got so much more. We were nervous to change the look of the brand already in place as it was what our clients recognized.

But, Jules was able to take what we had, hear our concerns and give us a fresh new look that we love. The process was easy with a lot of open communication. Jules was amazing to work with!"

Dareen kuchma; the kuchma team


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